VIKING Football Socks

Football Socks

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VIKING FOOTBALL socks are manufactured from polypropylene Prolen Siltex and Lycra. Their single, three-segment band, double outer sole and toe padding are what make them so comfortable to wear. They are very hardwearing and hygienic.


Benefits of VIKING FOOTBALL socks:


  • Mesh calf and foot for ultimate coolness and ventilation
  • Achilles tendon protector
  • Extra-flat toe seam
  • Antibacterial, odour-reducing silver ions
  • Can be embroidered with your individual logo or lettering
  • Multicoloured logo at no extra charge


Price: on request


Minimum order quantity: 30 pairs (mixed sizes acceptable)


Colours: many colours available


Logo and lettering: multiple colour combinations available



95% Prolen Siltex®

5% Lycra®


XS ( 32-34 )
S ( 35-37 )
M ( 38-40 )
L ( 41-43 )
XL ( 44-46 )
XXL ( 47 + )
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